Monkey with a Mission: the purpose of this blog

To quote from my “Monkey with a Mission” (a.k.a. “About”) page:

Me = amateur writer who won’t be quitting my day job just yet.

I’ve loved creative writing since I was a wee one, though my adult writing life has followed a progression from financial analysis reports as a consultant to educational research/literary analysis essays as a grad student to lesson plans/homework assignments as a high school English teacher to company blogs and other social media communication as an individual stuck in temporary professional limbo.  I have written short stories as well, including one Sixteen Candles fan fiction that can be found at

My primary creative outlet these days is finally tinkering around with a novel-length fiction, but I’m admittedly hitting some semblance of a block.  A writer cannot sit and wait around for inspiration–we become better writers by writing often.  Writing is inspired, but it is also a discipline.

Years ago, I purchased Bonni Goldberg’s book entitled Room to Write.  A poet, writer, and creative writing teacher, Goldberg posits her book as “Daily Invitations to a Writer’s Life.”  Along with this, I had purchased a journal in which I was all-out motivated to transcribe my responses to Goldberg’s prompts.  I think I tried it once.  Then life got busy.  Then the excuses ran rampant.  Then what free time I did scrape together for myself got pissed away by more excuses, flung left and right like so much excrement in a zoo cage.

The monkey says enough.  Why it fell from the tree in the first place is irrelevant; it’s picking itself up and grabbing hold of the vine again.

I am hereby instituting this blog as my new regimen, my detox, my stamina-fortifying daily banana…well, maybe at least 3 or 4 times a week.  Fair enough?  At any rate, my posts will be in response to a new prompt from Room to Write each day–these are not meant to be polished and final pieces, only a freely written brainstorm to oil up this monkey wrench.

I invite you to join me in the exercises–please comment on each post with your own writing!

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2 responses to “Monkey with a Mission: the purpose of this blog

  • thefallenmonkey


    The best part about it is that we shouldn’t overthink these responses…just write the words as they come so we can mine the labyrinth of our minds. If you prefer to handwrite them first, go for it, then simply type them up here.

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