Same Difference

The Prompt:

Page 39 of Room to Write asks us to draw at least 25 comparisons between 2 different things:  something that’s around you right now, and something else that’s either an object, person, or concept.

I’m going to compare the old Victorian church outside my window to marriage 😉


1.  Soulful, can inspire

2.  Houses both joy and grief

3.  Immense, sometimes imposing

4.  Intricately constructed; always something new to see from a different angle

5.  What appears outside is not always indicative of/relevant to what’s occurring inside

6.  Wears with time

7.  Built one brick at a time

8.  Requires faith and commitment

9.  Can be alive with song and community

10. Is empty when neglected, hollow and echoey

11. Fundamentally the same structure throughout time, yet must adapt the way it operates to change

12.  Needs to be scheduled into a busy life

13.  The lushness surrounding it periodically gets chopped away, but does grow back, and more lushly for it

14.  Is a vessel of new life, on varying levels

15.  You get out of it what you put into it

16.  Can house hypocrisy

17.  Can’t please everyone all of the time

18.  Needs constant maintenance

19.  Provides sanctuary

20.  Provides education

21.  Requires attentiveness—not just hearing, but listening

22.  Requires reciprocal communication

23.  Requires an open heart and mind

24.  Cannot operate without thankless hard work

25.  Comes around collecting, making you pay now and then


These were the first 25 things to come to mind, and I’m sure that some of them are redundant with each other—I found it getting really hard by around 18 or so!  A very fun and brain-flexing activity, though, when trying to assess all that is similar between things otherwise so dissimilar to one another.  Writing involves an abundance of comparisons, after all, as such devices as metaphor and simile help us communicate more vividly and stylistically, drawing parallels within the universe to illustrate the connectedness of all things.


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8 responses to “Same Difference

  • Agatha82

    Er…I cannot figure out what you’re comparing the church too, first I thought a human heart (not sure why…I’m just weird) – Maybe a human being…I don’t know *scratches head*

  • thefallenmonkey

    *hee* I’m going to edit it now to just say what it is. I wrote it in a bad mood, so was afraid I was going to be too negative 😉

  • Lua

    What a great exercise to come up with fresh, original analogies and metaphors! Thank you for sharing it.
    And WOW- those seem like two very different things yet you made 25 great similarities! 🙂 That must have been a fun challenge. And I liked how you lied down the negatives similarities along with the positive ones!

    • thefallenmonkey

      Thanks, Lua! That was a hard one. I just kept staring out the window at the church roof tiles and thinking, ummm, ummm…And, yes, I was admittedly in a pissy mood, which would explain the healthy of balance of negatives with the positives—so I guess it also illustrates how timing/mindset impacts the results 🙂

  • milkfever

    Wow, an amazing effort. I would have been stumped after two comparisons. But I love the idea. I’m going to give it a go.
    Thanks for sharing.
    x Lisa

  • Eva

    Very nice way to jog your imagination and description skills. Like it lots! And congrats to you to do it so well. 🙂

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