Monkeys in My Tree

Just a quickie, folks, to notify that the wacky monkeys I descended from (a.k.a., Mom & Dad) have swung from a loooong vine across the Atlantic ocean to visit me.  We’ve just returned from a delightful weekend in the Cotswolds and Stratford-upon-Avon and are recovering from a not-so-delightful extended train ride back to London last night—our train hit someone on the tracks, the poor soul :(…Then tomorrow we’re off to rrrrOMA! for a few days.

Hopefully I’m not wearing the poor Ps out already; we’d had to flee town for this past weekend already because my genius husband and I managed to dumb-ass double-book ourselves, so a couple of our friends flew in from Italy last Wednesday before my parents arrived from Chicago the following morning.  Our wee abode officially bursting beyond capacity, I chose to head for the hills (or the “wolds,” I should say) to give everyone a bit of breathing room.  Since our first guests arrived in March of 2009, this is the 17th round of guests that we’ve hosted in London.  Not counting parental repeats, 30 different people have rested their heads at what we’ve long been calling the B&B.  I should’ve bought a guestbook from the getgo had I any freaking idea how many people would suddenly come out of the woodwork and want to stay with us once we moved somewhere cool.  I think our next home had better be in Nebraska.

Anyways, all whingeing aside, I’m having the best time with my parents, and I’m giddy because my Dear Reader has been emailing back her second round of feedback on my manuscript ending.  I’ve got some work cut out for me on that, but I’m so excited to revisit it and make it the strongest version of itself.  I have a November workshop on manuscript submission as my deadline for getting things as polished and perdy as can be :).

In the meantime, as long as my tree here continues to be occupied and me swinging hither and yon as Hostess with the Mostess, I’ll be out of commission in the blogosphere for several more days.  I shall miss you and your wonderful insights until then—*mwah*!!


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6 responses to “Monkeys in My Tree

  • Agatha82

    Have a great time with mum and dad! How lovely. I’ve just seen your reading book. Hope you’re enjoying Dracula…

  • Glen

    Ah the Wolds – lovely — enjoy 🙂

  • Sharmon Gazaway

    Trying not to envy your European galavanting! Cool that you’re getting such good feedback on your MS and you’re eager to dig in. Wishing you the best on that–

  • Milo James Fowler

    “The strongest version of itself” — that’s how I look at it, too. Every time one of my short stories is rejected, I use the opportunity to make it faster, stronger, 6-Million Dollar Manish.

    Enjoy your time with the folks-er-uh-I mean MONKEYS. =]

  • milkfever

    My parents used to take me shopping every weekend to Stratford-upon-Avon. Lord, what a rush of memories I just had. 🙂
    Hope you have a lot of fun. But, seriously, how do you entertain so many people…? You’re amazing.

  • nothingprofound

    17 guests? I have to move to England. None of my out of town friends ever visits me in this cloudy, rainy upstate town. Have a wonderful rest of visit with your folks-and glad to hear your literary work is nearing perfection.

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