Self-Promotion: A Spreadsheet to Spread Your Sh*t ;)

Okay, so the weather is too warm and pretty in London to concentrate at the computer very long today. These days need to be seized, as my skin cells have been deprived of Vitamin D for too long, I say. I could practically hear my legs shreak, “It burns!” the second they were freed from perpetual cover…right before they gave a satisfied “Ahhh” as they gulped the fresh air down.

Anyway, just popping in to share with you a nugget that crossed my path a few days ago—it might be the daily recommended dose of Vitamin D that your promotion efforts need, where “D” is for “Domino.” Say wha’? Okay. A friend alerted me to Seth Godin, marketing guru, and a new venture he’s undertaken calledย The Domino Project. I’m still exploring what all this is about (it’s sponsored by, but it’s clearly in response to the rapidly changing landscape of publishing in light of e-publishing, self-publishing, and social media that places great responsibility on authors to self-promote. As every writing seminar I attend says time and time again, even the traditionally published must take on this burden, so it seems Seth is a proponent of authors marketing themselves as if they’re self-published regardless.

And so, author Jenny Blake has shared with The Domino Project a spreadsheet she’s developed “as a way of organizing the hundreds of things an author thinks about on the road to book launch.” Comprised of 15 different tabs, it’s nothing to sneeze at and certainly worth reviewing to get in the mindset of what it takes to successfully promote your book. This kick-ass resource can be found at the link below:

A Spreadsheet for the Self-Published

Happy perusing, and keep your smelling salts nearby—it’s a tad overwhelming but a good dose of reality when it comes to the businessย of publishing and building your presence in the market, step by step. The domino effect can only happen after you’ve already laid your pieces down one at a time, so take it in stride…


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9 responses to “Self-Promotion: A Spreadsheet to Spread Your Sh*t ;)

  • Alannah Murphy

    My dear, you enjoy the HIDEOUS sun that gave poor vampiric me sunstroke this past Saturday. The irony of me being THAT sensitive to the sun never ceases to amuse, but I know you mortals enjoy that yellow orb that makes me scream in agony.

    Interesting links dear, thank you for sharing with us ๐Ÿ™‚

    • thefallenmonkey

      Oh, Alannah, you poor dear! You know, I was even thinking of you the other day as I walked through Hyde Park and saw a woman shading herself with an umbrella – I remembered your sensitivity and thought this weather must actually be quite miserable for you, at least when you’re outside. Well, misery loves company, as they say, so now I’m down for the count, too – not with sunstroke, but sinusitis thanks to the rapid weather changes. I got this all the time in Chicago with its crazy fluctuations, but have been taking for granted that the UK is usually more consistent than this. Ugh. Well, I hope you’ve gotten your rest and recovered! And that your hand is likewise healing.

      • Alannah Murphy

        I am looking for a parasol, so I can parade ladylike in the sun ๐Ÿ˜‰

        I hope the sinusitis passes soon, think the UK weather is going a bit mental…hopefully it will be back to its normal self soon.

  • Milo James Fowler

    Yikes — that’s a whole lot to consider! I have trouble just keeping my blog, Twitter, and Facebook straight, let alone the actual writing and submitting. Fascinating stuff, though; thanks for sharing it with us.

    • thefallenmonkey

      I know, Milo, it’s a little scary, isn’t it. To be a complete hypocrite, I’m kinda still living in an ignorance-is-bliss stage and wanting a bit more time to just enjoy the writing process and not have to hunker down with the salesy part of it. There’s a lot that can’t be done anyway until we’ve got a published book in hand (or on screen :)), but it cold help lay some foundations. But like you said, I’m not even on top of my blog, and tumbleweed is blowing through my neglected Twitter and Facebook!

  • Glen

    The only dominos I’m interested in is delivered by a fella called Steve! On the other hand this looks well worth bookmarking!!

    • thefallenmonkey

      Ooh, I’m with you there, Glen. Extra jalapenos and green olives, please! My first reaction when my friend sent me this spreadsheet was, “Oh holy crap. Do I really want to be published???” Like I just commented to Milo, I think I’m going to linger a bit longer in a stage of denial and just work at the writing. It needs work, and if I don’t get that sorted, the rest of this promotion stuff isn’t going to fall in place either…

  • Eva

    Ha – Jenny Blake! I even fleetingly know her, as we share our (in my case former) employer, and she definitely knows a lot about online marketing. Thanks so much for sharing this!! You always have the most useful posts, dear. It is overwhelming but an important reminder of the many things you have to consider before getting yourself published. It’s just never ending.

    Soo helpful though, especially now that I am approaching that stage. One of the most important lessons of the article is that Jenny is actually with a publisher and still pitches in in the book’s marketing big time. Guess the time of handing over all responsibility to publishers is over anyway, so we better get acquainted with this sheet rather sooner than later… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • thefallenmonkey

      No way, Eva! You know her?! Small freaking world, oh my stars… How awesome to know she has an online marketing background, adds street cred to her spreadsheet. ๐Ÿ™‚ I was specifically thinking of you when I shared this post since you’re at the stage where you can actually start implementing this stuff. With your professional experience, I don’t know you’ll be utterly clever and savvy with promoting your book. Speaking of, what’s the scoop on that German publisher of Irish stories? Any news?!

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