Oh, Okay Fine. May as Well.

It seems inevitable that part of the aspiring author’s procrastination from writing consists of farting around with mocking up potential cover art. I suppose I might have sort of maybe done this myself before…in which case, oh, okay fine. May as well share with ya.

I came up with two possibilities for my first ms. No, I’m not sharing my title yet (too irrationally afraid to), and, yes, I’ve used stock images with watermarks still on them (too cheap to pay for them). Whatever. Do you like them or not? Sorry, that came out more antagonistic than I’d intended. And I’m also sorry that I for whatever reason didn’t keep a file that would’ve allowed me to just delete (versus hideously black out) the title in the 2nd image. So just to be clear, my title is not “Graphic Leftovers.” 😉

  – OR –  

Have you ever done this, too? I’d love to see ’em!


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16 responses to “Oh, Okay Fine. May as Well.

  • Eva

    Hmmm, wow, I like the style a lot! Looks like something I would definitely pick up (especially with an oblique title like that ;)) in a store. It looks somehow historical to me, and fantasy-like, and dreamy, but not in a cheesy kind of way.

    Guess you would need to clean up the back for the blurb to be easier to read, but well, you’ll do that afterwards, I guess. Thumbs up!

    I would have never dared to try something like it myself so I stuck to my talented, professional friend. You know the result 😉

    • thefallenmonkey

      Ah, good point, Eva – I hadn’t even thought about how the back cover would look. 🙂 Not-cheesy is definitely a good thing!
      There is a historical element to the story, though most of it is modern-day, and phoenix is symbolic of the supernatural layer to the tale…

      Yes, I DO know the result of your book cover and had wondered if the publisher was going to run with it as well? Awesome if so! I loved it!

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  • Glen

    where’s the spaceship? what kind of a book doesn’t have a spaceship on the cover?

  • Milo James Fowler

    I like the one on the right; the avian image is clearer. “Graphic Leftovers” will heretofore be the name of my next short story submission.


    • thefallenmonkey

      I agree with you on that one, Milo. I like the deeper brown, too. Or maybe it’s how it looks like I’m censoring truly foul language. 😉

      Such naughty stuff would have a perfect home, however, inside the pages of a story entitled, “Graphic Leftovers,” however. Oh, the possibilities – write it! Write it! 🙂

  • Alannah Murphy

    I really like these. The one with the clock is my fave, but both are good, and you know, I understand about not wanting to share the title yet. I haven’t told most people what mine is, except it’s a Bauhaus song, but I won’t tell anyone which one ha ha.

    Also, most people do not even know the name of my boy, but one day, I will reveal things, but not until I’ve sent out my first query letter, and that is not happening any time soon…

    • thefallenmonkey

      Glad you get my reasoning for not giving away titles/character names, Alannah. I don’t know, just seems like it could jinx it somehow – or give someone else free reign to steal it and get published before I do! 😉
      Bauhaus song – hmm, a clue…

  • Tahlia Newland

    I found that designing covers helped me with inspiration, but also with deciding what were the important elements in the story ie the ones that needed to be on the cover to give a sense of the book.

    I like the colours and the idea of yours. The one on the left is best because it has a bit of depth to it and the clock draws your eyes and gives you a sense of what the book might be about. The one on the right, doesn’t say anything to me.

    My various attempts at covers are here http://tahlianewland.com/art-work/cover-art/

    • thefallenmonkey

      Such a cool collection of cover art, Tahlia! I remember when I first discovered your blog, you were running with the one depicting the close-up of a woman’s face. Really impressive work you’ve done then and since, and you’re so right about the process actually being instrumental in pinpointing key elements. I certainly see the progression in yours and get an increasing sense of the mood and themes of your book.
      Thanks for your thoughtful input on mine – Perhaps I’ll play with deepening the color to get the effect I like in the right-hand image, as I do see your point that the clock is more obvious in the left-hand one…I also recall feeling a stroke of serendipitous success when the angle of the hands on the pocket-watch lined up with that of the larger clock. 🙂

  • Nicki Elson

    Oooh! I like them! The one on the left is my favorite. Fits the tale well. I might’ve maybe sort of done that myself, and I agree w/ Tahlia—it’s been helpful in writing as far as reminding me to keep the tone consistent. I’m not terribly worried about that during the first draft, but it’ll be important when it comes to tearing it apart in the second.

    • thefallenmonkey

      EEEEE!!! That’s a squeal of delight just thinking about a first draft of your next manuscript. I can’t wait to read it!!! I also am going to be stalking your rare free-time at some point to give mine another read now that I’ve hacked through it some more. Just a quickie read-through to give me input on story arc. 🙂

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