Room with a View

All good things must come to an end. *sigh*

I have more to write about my week, but for today as I make my return journey to London, I’ll just pay homage to the charming B&B that I called home the last five nights.

The table where I wrote.

The view of St. Austell Bay and the hills of Tywardreath, Par, and Fowey on down to Gribbin Head.

My sweet lil' room, where I secluded myself when not hiking out in them thar hills.

This is the heart of Daphne du Maurier country, which was no coincidence when I planned this trip. In the posts to follow, I’ll document my literary pilgrimage of sorts.

But for now, I heave another *sigh* in departing this peaceful region where the farmland meets the sea, the air doesn’t turn my snot grey, and strangers actually reciprocate friendly smiles and hellos. (Gasp! Can you imagine that, Londoners?! Looking up from the pavement and breaking through your barriers of fear and preoccupation to meet someone’s eye?! The horror…the horror…). Home-made and jarred marmalade, crisp vegetables straight from the local earth, and eggs straight from the local chickens’ va-jay-jays, purchased on the honor system at the end of a farmer’s driveway. Coastal paths with something new around every bend and questionable signage that lets you get good and lost a few times in the fields and woods, all in the spirit of things.

Cornwall agrees with me.

And my hosts have been most gracious, making me feel part of one big happy household, complete with Tilly the Terrier and the more elusive Barney the Cat and Charles the Chihuahua. Even a pair of other guests nearly brought me to tears (I’m serious) with their pure and utter loveliness. So blessed. So happy. So coming back.


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16 responses to “Room with a View

  • Eva

    Aaaaw, this sounds like my dream place to write. Really cool. Sounds like you made just the right decision to go there. Can’t wait to hear all about it!

    • thefallenmonkey

      I’ve been slacking on getting around to writing about it, but definitely clinging to the residual peace and calm it had delivered if but for a short while…I’ll have to do those more often. 🙂

  • Jessica

    Sounds like Maine (the US state) and boy do I miss that place. Anywhere in Maine is a perfect place to write. I hope you had a wonderfully relaxing time!

    • thefallenmonkey

      I’m editing a book that takes place in Massachusetts, so I just Google Imaged a particular lighthouse that is one of the settings, and the resulting photos DO look so much like where I was. Still haven’t to been Maine and will now ache to when we’re back in the States! Love the US east coast…

  • Tahlia Newland

    The bed looks fabulous. I’ve never slept in one like that and always wanted to – I guess that’s why I gave my mc in Lethal Inheritance the chance.

    • thefallenmonkey

      I love that ability to bestow our fancies upon our characters so we can live vicariously through them. 🙂 I must say, I felt like a pretty-pretty princess sleeping in that bed *hee*. And to have that view from it was surreal.

  • Toby Simmons

    Very interesting! Good blog!
    Let me know what you think of mine . . .
    Keep on posting!

  • Milo James Fowler

    I agree with Jessica — definitely reminds me of Maine, but I’m sure the accents are different!

    • thefallenmonkey

      I have a theory that east coast accents do still echo their British origins as far as the dropping of the “R”s (like “Bah Hahbah”!)…but then the vowels aren’t as soft, as we ChicAAAgoans know so well. 🙂

  • Nicki Elson

    Le sigh. Sounds wonderful. I’m so happy the place, the people, and the fruits of the chickens’ va-jay-jays made you happy. 🙂

    • thefallenmonkey

      Oooh, it was wooonderful—totally my version of a Hall Pass.

      Methinks Nicki needs to treat herself to a writing retreat as well, get some solid time off of all your other responsibilities. Tell Mr. “Elson” to give you a Hall Pass, too!

  • Glen


  • Alannah Murphy

    Love Cornwall, though never been to St Austell, but yeah, them weird small town humans talk to each other *shrugs shoulders* 😉

    It is nice, I suppose, though I am usually in typical Londoner style when out and about and have my “do-not-look-at-me-or-even-attempt-conversation” face on, which usually also goes well with my other expression, which is “if-you-fall-over-I will-simply-walk-over-you” which is bad but typical of Londoners lol…me bad. *slaps hand*

    Your room looks beautiful, and the other photos are also charming. Sounds like it was a wonderful trip. I’ve taken many of those and they’re always good for the soul 🙂

    • thefallenmonkey

      Oh, you’re one of THEM, Alannah 🙂 Kidding. I can understand how it goes; that’s urban life in general, not just London–places to go, people to see…although I have to say that Chicago has always been a very personable city, I think because of its blue collar and agricultural roots that are still relatively recent, and it’s not nearly as huge as London. And New York is still way too intense for one’s sanity but has become shockingly friendly ever since 9/11. So I guess it just surprises me that London comes across as closed-off as it does because the people here are generally so nice and laidback, without the need-that-done-yesterday neurosis you can otherwise find in the States. 🙂

      I’m so glad to hear you’ve treated yourself to such trips, too. This country is so beautiful everywhere, it inspires me so much, and I wish I could go somewhere new in the UK every week!

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