On Priorities, Parks, Parents, and Publishing

Yowzah. Sorry I fell out of the tree again. These have been weeks of prioritizing, and unfortunately if I’m to make any blogging a priority, it’s gotta be the one I actually get paid for. 🙂 In the meantime, while I haven’t been the most attentive commenter on your blogs lately, I’m glad to see you all are keeping busy and doing well, too!

I do finally want to pop in this week, though, before going on hiatus yet again. I’ll be heading Stateside in a few days for a brief visit to my sweet home Chicago before then undertaking the grand road-trip with my parents to Orlando for our big family Disney World vacation three years in the making. We made this pilgrimage many-a time as kids, but we started the tradition of returning with spouses and grandkids ten years ago. This is the first time since that all of us siblings are able to make it again. So factor in me, me mum and dad, two brothers, one sister, two sisters-in-law, one brother-in-law, six nephews, two nieces, and my brother’s parents-in-law, and our grand total is nineteen. Could be an even twenty if my husband’s eleven weeks of grad school this year didn’t suck away all his work holiday and then some. 😦 In any case, leave it to my parents to be the only ones choosing to drive, so I’m making the journey with them to help out—they’ve had a rough year of health issues, and it’s the least I can do when I’m otherwise missing out on everything, the bad and the good, while living abroad. Time to shift my priorities to others, finally.

And who am I kidding. I love this stuff. Fire up the Family Truckster! Cracker Barrel, here we come! Marty Moose! Marty Moose! Marty Moose!

This is no longer a vacation—it’s a quest. It’s a quest for fun.”

In literary news, where my freelance editing work goes, I’ve wrapped up the developmental edit of a very fun YA paranormal novel so will await whatever the managing edit may throw back our way. And the second novel I’d edited has just been published! The author has been making a great effort at social media, so it looks like it’s doing well so far. Three-for-three wonderful authors to work with [knocks wood for next time]. And as for my own manuscript, I’ve been revisiting ms #1 after some time away from it and reckon my next step is consulting with a professional editor—I’ve been really envying the process I go through with my authors and would like to see my story get all buffed-n-polished, too. Regardless, I need to get more momentum behind that one; I admittedly haven’t been trying very hard to query. Dare I say it, I think I’ve settled into contentment with just the process of bringing it into being—I’ve entertained the hell out of myself!—so, where priorities go, getting it published has almost come to feel secondary. Or is that what all the unpublished say when they’re in massive denial? 😉

In any case, I’ll try to pop back at least a couple more times this week before the *Disney magic* beckons me…


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6 responses to “On Priorities, Parks, Parents, and Publishing

  • Glen

    Glad you’re back – even if only for a mo… Ah “priorities” Nice to see real ones being put in to action rather than the priorities that most of the Internet seem to hold so close to its heart.

    When shouting out “Look at me!” becomes more important than family, things are going really very wrong 🙂 Have fun

    • thefallenmonkey

      Aw, thanks Glen. I am SOOO sorry I’ve been such a neglectful blog follower. You know I love ya and the laughs and engaging stories you always provide. I promise to do better next month. 🙂
      Yeah, I’m not really great at the self-promotion thing, so it’s easily the first thing to let slide when life otherwise gets too crazy.

  • Eva

    Nice to have you back. Believe it or not I have really been worrying about you 😀 Man, I am such a mum.
    Hope you will have a wonderful time. Disney World with family sounds brilliant.
    And – love to see that ms to the right growing. Go, monkey!
    Will definitely be around when you get back. 🙂

    • thefallenmonkey

      Thank you, m’dear! You are the sweetest for being concerned—I totally didn’t mean to go all MIA like I did, just haven’t been good with time management when the day-to-day stuff really picked up. I figure if I had a published work to really promote I wouldn’t let the blog slide, but I don’t, so it is. 🙂 Miss your cyber-camaraderie and look forward to getting back in the swing of things—especially for updates on your published book! And thanks for the enthusiasm for ms 2—it’s been quite neglected but hopefully because work on ms 1 will finally get it closer to going, well, anywhere…ta ta for now, see you in October!

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