Ahhh…Thanks. I Needed That.

Two little gems found their way into my Inbox today. Rather than me paraphrase their marvelously refreshing perspectives (no time), I’ll leave it to their words. But, really, as a writer, professional, and human being, if you value your time, priorities, and sanity in the least bit, please do follow these links to read both articles.

Because honestly, in the midst of a hectic week, I am shouting from the rooftops a big huge freaking THANK YOU for someone just effing saying what I’ve long insisted to myself yet have dismissed as lazy excuses. Amidst the humming neuroses of others, let’s fight the good fight to keep it real.

Real Writers Write Every Day – from The Editor’s Blog


You do not need to write every day to be a real writer.

Pilots don’t turn into non-pilots if they don’t fly for a day or a week. Surgeons are still surgeons after a week’s vacation.

There’s nothing magical about writing daily that endows the title writer yet takes it away if a writer doesn’t put pen to paper during a 24-hour period. Writers may be different from other folk, but writing is no wooey-wacky profession. You don’t have to give more to it than is required to do the job, to fulfill the contract, to finish the manuscript.

Two Lists You Should Look at Every Morning – from the Harvard Business Review Blog Network


[W]e try to speed up to match the pace of the action around us. We stay up until 3 am trying to answer all our emails. We twitter, we facebook, and we link-in. We scan news websites wanting to make sure we stay up to date on the latest updates. And we salivate each time we hear the beep or vibration of a new text message.

The speed with which information hurtles towards us is unavoidable (and it’s getting worse). But trying to catch it all is counterproductive. The faster the waves come, the more deliberately we need to navigate. Otherwise we’ll get tossed around like so many particles of sand, scattered to oblivion. Never before has it been so important to be grounded and intentional and to know what’s important.

Never before has it been so important to say “No.”

Hear, hear! Now I can exhale a bit.


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3 responses to “Ahhh…Thanks. I Needed That.

  • Eva

    Good one, Monkey! Already subscribed to the editor’s blog, it seems really interesting! And thanks for that kind of absolution. As I am continuously struggling with distractions and the pressure to be in touch all the time, I am happy to get some confirmation that my recent retreat from many of those things is OK. 🙂
    Still, I do try to write every day. I just don’t beat myself up anymore if I don’t. Am happy if you feel the same way. All the best – with writing and life.

  • Alannah Murphy

    Oh yes, I read that stupid advice too, the one about how you HAVE to write EVERY day, and it’s a bunch of bollocks. Maybe it works for others, but all it ever did, was stress me out. The same with the huge amount of information being thrown at us, from blogs, twitter, facebook, etc.

    This overload, is what made me want to disappear for a while, it was simply just TOO MUCH. This is why, I don’t get those bloggers who blog DAILY. Because, as a reader, unless that is your ONLY blog that you read, then, it’s just too much information running through my head…

    (see how I did that? I am quoting a Police song at the end) 😉

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