Well, it’s happening…

…my poop is getting published.

Novel manuscript #2, to be precise. Meanwhile, I’m on a tight deadline to pick the fleas out of someone else’s manuscript, so more Monkey messages to follow.


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5 responses to “Well, it’s happening…

  • Eva

    My gooooooooood! Congrats congrats congrats!!!! You HAVE to share more and Sooooooon! So thrilled for you, and expect me camping in front of that book store which sells it first 🙂

    • thefallenmonkey

      Yay, yay, YAY! You’re the best to respond so quickly! I was sooo excited to share this news with you. Alas, a small publisher with no no brick-and-mortar distribution, but, hey, I’ll take online bookstores versus none. 🙂

      (by the way, I hope you saw the review I left for “Cigarette Break” on Amazon–and that I wasn’t totally off in how I interpreted it! I really enjoyed it and immediately started over to read again once finished.)

      • Eva

        Oh wow – you know I hadn’t a clue! I just went there and am so very touched about your kind words on Cigarette Break. If this is what you felt I can dare hoping I achieved something.

        Talking of achievement – I am thrilled for you getting published! We both know how both by-the-numbers and lottery-like the publishing game is nowadays, especially with the majors, so I think it is the best thing ever I can actually read your thing, in e in paper, no matter. Please be sure to let me know as soon as you have a publishing date. Can’t WAIT!

  • Nick

    Well done you! Will I like it or am I not the target market 🙂

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