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Monkey Can’t See, Monkey Can’t Do…

Sing it with me, folks:

“I wear my sunglasses at night
so eyes can, so eyes can
not burst in flames from the computer screen…”

What, that’s not how the song goes?

It would seem after throwing myself into the workload last mentioned in my State of Zoo-nion Address (and continuing to do so over the following week with manuscript revision and query research, day to night, day after day) that I have not only been successful in meeting my deadlines, but in royally straining my eyes as well. Am having a persisting vision issue with my right eye involving what I think is somehow an afterimage of my pupil (???)—and rendering it virtually impossible to accurately align any of my targets with my fecal matter. So, the computer monitor and I have parted ways for a while, as much as we can. Other than to write daily blog posts for work and check email, I’ve relegated my eyes to the paper-printed word. And when I do work at the computer, I dim the monitor all the way down and wear my sunglasses.

As I am now. You’d think it makes me look cool, but not so much.

Anyway, for all my best intentions to finally see an eye doctor today, I’ve been thwarted with a typical case of sinusitis as we start to kiss Winter’s arse goodbye and greet Spring’s pollinated delights…so am that much more encouraged to rest by sticking my nose into a good old-fashioned book or bringing pen to paper when feeling the itch to write. That part of it all has been marvelous.

Honestly, I only post this now not because I think my absence is causing you all to stop spinning round your respective axes, but to apologize for any lack of commentary I’ve left on your own blogs. I have snuck a quick peek at many of the ones I regularly follow (and enjoyed them immensely), but haven’t left comments and just want to promise that I’ll do so when my crazy eyes are back up to it. Your camaraderie means much, and I want ya to stick around—or else then I’ll give you the Stink Eye. 😉

In the meantime, happy reading and writing, all! I can’t think of any pursuits more worthy of the strain.

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