Monkey with a Mission


Me = rookie author and editor.

I’ve loved creative writing since I was a wee one. And while my adult writing life has had to trudge through the monotonous muck of financial analysis and web content, it’s always found its way back to the lovely and literary somehow. I initially left the corporate world to become an English teacher and have since gone on to practice what I preached.

In addition to editing others’ work, I dapple in stories of my own and have completed two novels while starting two more. Yet getting started wasn’t so easy. At the very beginning when I repeatedly hit a creative block, I had to remind myself that writers can’t sit and wait around for inspiration—we become better writers by writing often. Writing is inspired, but it is also a discipline. So…

my blog.

Years ago, I bought a book of writing prompts to light the fire under my keester and start writing that first novel. Then life got busy. The excuses ran rampant. And then what time I did scrape together got pissed away by more excuses, flung left and right like so much excrement in a zoo cage.

The Monkey said, “Enough.” Why it had fallen from the tree in the first place is irrelevant; it picked itself up and grabbed back onto the vine.

I thereby instituted this blog in 2010 as my regimen, my detox, my stamina-fortifying daily banana. The original idea was to post a new writing prompt each day and respond to it. And over time, I simply began yammering about anything related to my path to publication, giving my perspective from both sides of the fence as a writer and editor. So these days I write about writing or I write about editing. And when I’m not writing about writing or editing, I still respond to those writing prompts whenever the monkey wrench needs oiling.

So grab a vine yourself and swing on over! Groom my posts for fleas and infest them with your comments and creativity. 🙂

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