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Tumble 4 Ya Blogfest!

In offering my two pence to the Tumble 4 Ya Blogfest (for which we’re supposed to share our big crush of the 1980s), here goes…

Let me just say, I was a teenage bridesmaid in my sister’s wedding.

Not quite 16, but close enough (15).

And it was no longer the ’80s, but close enough (’91).

It was all close enough to the scenario I’d dreamed of since I was a little girl, when I was so certain I’d grow up to find true love in high school.

I’d always have a crush on an older, utterly inaccessible senior.

I’d always watch him when he wasn’t noticing in my shy, gawky, and dorky way in the hallways, stalking his locker and envying whatever girls he talked to.

I always believed that maybe, just maybe he was watching me, too, when I wasn’t looking.

So far, it was all going to plan so, so well.

You see, once my sister was married (“Married?” “Mellied! Geez…”), I was going to exit the church behind her and the rest of the bridal party yet strategically hesitate by myself in the doorway when, there in front of me, the cars would part to reveal only Him. Leaning against his lipstick-red sports car. Wearing that sweater vest.

And then I’d say, “Me?”

And then he’d say, “Yeah, you.”

And then Thompson Twins would fill the air…



Uh, yeah, that didn’t happen. But that didn’t mean I’d ever, ever stop crushing on my True ’80s Love…the one who’d completely warped my concept of romance and made me rue the day I’d ever watched a John Hughes movie. I speak of none other than… [drumroll]

* * * JAKE RYAN * * *

I hear these days that actor’s a carpenter, married with children. Ah, c’est la vie… I ended up moving on to marry a Ryan and have a beloved godson Jake, so I guess I got my “Jake Ryan” after all if I really want to grasp at that dream.  🙂

Sending a shout-out to Nicki Elson, Suze, and M.Pax for hosting this, like, totally rad blogfest – it’s been gnarly to the max!

So who did YOU tumble for in the 1980s?



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