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15 Hours in the Sky…

…with a connection in Helsinki delivered my husband and me to Singapore a few weeks ago, then onward to Bali. At the request of my esteemed blogging colleague Milo James Fowler, I’ll share a few pix here:

Starting with Singapore, as a city-state, it’s very contemporary with endless shopping malls…

…yet was not without some colonial or cultural architecture:

Fortunately, I wasn’t trafficking any illegal substances so wasn’t put to death (as threatened on my departure card at Immigration) and could live to see Ubud, Bali, where I wish we’d had more time. I’ll let the pictures explain why:

(that first photo above was at our rented villa—inSANE serenity. I would love to just sit there for months and write.)

Whereas Singapore didn’t really make us feel we’d traveled that far or to anything exotic (and charged a hell of a lot for booze, valuing cost of living over cost of indulgence), Bali compensated with its cultural richness…

…and MONKEYS!!! Here I am greeting one of my brethren (wearing my most challenging human costume to date—my cover was almost blown when a little monkey leapt onto my back and nearly pulled my dress down); the others consult with their critique group:

*sigh* How I envy their freedom in the Monkey Forest as I’m caged back up.

But I’ve missed my blog buddies, so I’m glad to be back and catching up with all y’all. More of my yammerings to follow soon…


Stomach Growls…

The Prompt:

Today, page 32 of Room to Write asks us to write about what we hunger for, be it literal or figurative.  Something to consider as well are the experiences that either satisfy or intensify that hunger.


Physically, I hunger for cheese, bread, and chocolate in all their incarnations, yet emotionally

…I hunger for purpose...for the sense that I am doing everything I could be doing to put my abilities to best use…for exerting the effort to live for others and not just myself…for finding the words that could possibly express the shades of meaning and atmosphere and convictions that I feel…for inspiration that will fill my pen and get my fingers tapping on the keyboard with direction again…for knowledge…for the deliciousness of knowing that I could never know everything—so learning will be lifelong—and yet always striving to attain the satisfaction of expertise…for the teachings and imaginations of others that set my mind free and move my heart to feel…I hunger to bring myself into focus against a background of others willing to fade into each other…for an equilibrium that will slow the clocks and speed my steps…for peace of mind that expectations are being met, including my own…for a synergy of intentions and actions…for simplicity and streamlining, a clearing of the clutter in my eyes and ears…for passion in everything I do yet the ability to know when to not care and put it to rest and for others to do the same…for recollection and holding close the memories that are dear or transforming…I hunger for family, for bedtime stories, for a front porch at dawn and dusk.


Primary factors that satisfy my hunger these days are writing, reading, and travel, as they constantly challenge me to reflect on who I am, what purpose I serve in light of what I ought to be, how my life/world-view might be reaffirmed or modified, and how I can continually work to improve myself intellectually and emotionally.

I find that these are also the factors that intensify my hunger, as I’m always left with an incomplete feeling of it never being enough, and I crave for more—more story line, better description, more countryside, better immersion into authentic culture…and where my travels home are concerned, one taste of hugging my parents, siblings, nieces, and nephews and kibitzing as usual with old friends is enough to turn me into an addict, leaving the pain of withdrawal ever looming on the horizon in the form of a return flight.  Home is where I always felt full, so given everything I purged in moving abroad, my stomach and heart are left a bit emptier…there is a lot of fun to be had that suffices for a snack, but I’ve had to forage for alternative forms of true nourishment while feeling in a transitory state.

I don’t expect that what I hunger for is the same as anyone else, nor should it be.  That’s why life offers us a menu of assorted cuisine to taste or send back to the chef as we please, a culinary cornucopia of needs and wants to digest, some of us stuffing our faces, some of us grazing, some of us piling it on, some of us liking it on the side…all of us hoping that the bill isn’t too high…and, of course, we all tip differently 😉

Are YOU hungry?  Well then, welcome to McBlogComments; may I take your order?

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