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Publishing Ponderings

All right, so I’ve taken ages to follow up on the news I last shared. Forgive me. As I stare down the terrifying prospect of becoming a debut author, I also wear my editor hat for others getting published this year and next. I’ve worked on about ten manuscripts since my last post so have been pretty manic with that and actually appreciative that I haven’t had to start editing my own yet. With the New Year will hopefully come a clearer plate on which to focus on that once this current backlog is chipped away.

In any case, I’ve set up a new author website and blog for the occasion. The Monkey will remain a grand catch-all for all things writing and editing while the author site focuses more on book promotion and the silly lil’ persona I’ve set up for myself over there (as opposed to the very serious sock monkey here). Persona, did I say? Alas, yes, I’m using a nom de plume for my debut novel, which wasn’t an easy decision (I’ll address that in a future post), but I’m sticking to it. I know adding identities can only confuse things more, but honestly, I’m not huge on social media for my personal purposes—I might screech on Twitter as the Monkey, but I don’t tweet as a human, and Facebook updates only happen when I really feel like I have something to say. So developing profiles for the pen name hasn’t been all that bad—I can be compelled to actively engage online now that I’ve actually got something to promote beyond myself. I’m actually finding it quite fun and enjoying the relative anonymity of it.

That said, I’m not going to go to great pains to keep identities distinct and secret. Get real, as if anyone can pull that off in this cyber day and age. So allow me to out my human pen name here before I move on to talking about the craft of writing, not what I’m selling (you can visit Rumer’s blog for that ;)):


Ta da! My debut novel Seven for a Secret, penned under Rumer Haven, is due for publication in spring 2014. Visit Rumer’s site for an unofficial summary and some miscellaneous bits relating to the story, and of course keep popping by there for updates as P-Day draws nearer.

But like I said…I’ll let Rumer be a little self-promoting tart while the Monkey just keeps keepin’ it real. I will need my cage here for refuge when the marketing zoo inevitably overwhelms me. Aside from being an editor (which I love), I’m not otherwise keen on delving deeper into the business of publishing, so I want this corner of cyberspace to focus on writing for writing’s sake. I’ve seen too many authors become discouraged by small sales and the endless labor that is peddling one’s work. It will no doubt happen to me, so I beseech you, dear readers, to help me remember what writing’s all about. And I promise to do the same for you. *BIG FAT WET SLOPPY MONKEY SMOOCH*

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